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NAREST Beauty Academy


Narest Beauty Academy

Professional Beauty Education Academy 

We teach according to the actual working site. Those who study major beauty care in narest academy such as hair, make-up, nail, skin and nail art licence, skin care licence, learn to provide service against the customer. Unlike third-party academy, because trainess dispatched to the field of a subsidiary company as a parallel education, they show a remarkable adaptability and skills in the field after completing training.


The simulation tset shows their high succese rate. Beauty national certification pass rate is about 30% at best. There are examples of investing much money and time than the scheduled training period due to the low success rate.


Narest academy is currently showing a high success rate in parallel by teaching of expert mentor and offline practice to prepare carefully the qualifications.


Recruitment of professional instructors. Anyone can learn beauty, but everyone can not do well. You are able to move flexibly according to the trend.


We do not think excellent instructor who has a lot of qualifications and old career.
Narest academy have professional instructors received training in a professional tranining system, and provide the best service.


Narest academy are currently conducting a number of events the foreign qualifications preferential benefit, publicly funded support card, and beauty sector accounts, etc.. Narest academy has been operating in various areas such as Yongsan, Cheongnyangni, Bucheon, Cheonan, Busan, etc..

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